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Imagine that at your exact moment of birth somebody took a picture of what was happenning on an energetic level and printed it.
It would show a beautiful and intricate blueprint of energetic systems and patterns--that being your birthchart for this lifetime.
The zodiac signs and the planets show what the archetypal energies are and how they will tend to operate, and then the astrological houses (also a part of the chart) will show in what areas of life they will be most experienced.
Our free will is in choosing how to grow and make medicine out of those energies.
The complex and marvelous energy dance formed by the relationships and angels of these celestial forces are what form your energetic "being", and map out the patterns and dynamics your soul chose to work through in this life time in its journey back to wholeness.
Thus, the chart acts as a very powerful (and intensely validating) tool for self-knowing and self-integrating, for deeply understanding and healing our relationships, as well as to help navigate life's cycles and upheavals.
The ancient egyptian birth-card numerology is an uncannily accurate complement to the astrological insights bringing in crucial information and added well as wonderful understanding of our needs and connections in relationships.
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